Stream Okayplayer’s Songs of Summer 2017 Playlist feat. Thundercat, Kaytranada, Frank Ocean and More

Stream Okayplayer’s Songs of Summer 2017 Playlist feat. Thundercat, Kaytranada, Frank Ocean and More

60 songs to keep you cool all summer long
The weather’s warmed, the grass has greened and the air pushing through NYC’s grid is laced with the must of blunt smoke and body sweat. All of which signals the summer’s arrival. And we’ve got just the thing to keep you cool as the thermometer ticks up.

Compiling summer scores is requisite for us here at HQ: low-end resonance for those couch-locked nights, disco thumps for your poolside days, reverbed-to-death dub and tropicalia to accompany your beach retreats and rooftop weekend BBQs. There are so many moments to score, and for the first time in a long while, enough notes to fill the space between. It’s become something of a ritual round these parts, and seeing as how we’ve officially begun our summer program, Okayplayer is proud to present the 2017 edition of our Songs of Summer series. With new sounds from some of the year’s hottest (and coldest) releases — including Kaytranada, Thundercat, Frank Ocean, GoldLink, Sango, Little Dragon, Guc..

Cop Who Killed Philando Castile Cites Marijuana As A Factor

Cop Who Killed Philando Castile Cites Marijuana As A Factor

Photo courtesy of YouTube

Recently-released documents from Jeronimo Yanez’s trial for the murder of Philando Castile have revealed that Yanez’s reasoning for shooting Castile stemmed from the smell of marijuana coming from the latter’s car.
Following the announcement that Yanez was found not guilty in the fatal shooting of Castile, the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office in Minnesota released a collection of documents centered around the case. One document includes a transcript from an interview with Yanez where he blamed the smell of weed for his fear in the situation.

READ: Authorities Release Dashcam Footage From The Philando Castile Shooting

“I thought, I was gonna die,” the former Minneapolis police officer said. “…I thought if he’s, if he has the guts and the audacity to smoke marijuana in front of the five-year-old girl and risk her lungs and risk her life by giving her secondhand smoke and the front seat passenger doing the same thing then what, what care does he give about me?”..

Daft Punk Resurface on Sunny Parcels Single “Overnight”

Daft Punk Resurface on Sunny Parcels Single “Overnight”

The robots return and bring an Australian five-piece out of obscurity.
Daft Punk may not be the most visible duo in music these days, reemerging from the smoke and gold dust of their Random Access Memories campaign two years later to assist The Weeknd on the bookend cuts to his Starboy odyssey. But the robots appear to be back to their disco-pop program.

WATCH: The Weeknd and Daft Punk Drop Video for “I Feel It Coming”

A few weeks back it was revealed that the entirety of the upcoming Arcade Fire album Everything Now would be co-produced and co-written by Daft Punk (government names: Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter.) And now they’ve brought an Australian five-piece, Parcels, out of obscurity by blessing them with a slick production reminiscent of their own dabblings in Chic territory. “Overnight” is precisely the “Get Lucky” sequel summer 2017 needs, and it’s a moment for which the Berlin transplants have been ready, releasing their unshakeable five-track Hideout EP ..

Watch Khalid Perform a Tender Live Cover of Frank Ocean’s “Lost”

Watch Khalid Perform a Tender Live Cover of Frank Ocean’s “Lost”

Source: Youtube

The American Teen singer delivers a tender performance of a Frank Ocean favorite
Cooling off after the first leg of his American Teen tour, Khalid blesses BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge with a delicate, stripped-bare cover of Frank Ocean channel ORANGE ballad, “Lost.”

WATCH: Khalid & The Roots Perform The Breakout Hit “Location” On The Tonight Show

With just a guitar and piano as his backdrop, the Austin-native builds an intimate space around “Lost,” threading the song with his own baritone. The performance arrives as the latest in long year of stellar moments for Khalid, breaking through with American Teen, making his Tonight Show debut with The Roots in tow and embarking upon his first headlining tour in support of the album. Not to mention a blockbuster collaboration with Calvin Harris and Future.

HEAR: Calvin Harris is “Rollin'” with Khalid and Future on Another Intoxicating Single

Watch Khalid perform a heart-swelling rendition of Frank Ocean’s “Lost” below an..

Kamala Harris’ Black Music Month Playlist Is Perfect For The Summer

Kamala Harris’ Black Music Month Playlist Is Perfect For The Summer

Photo courtesy of the Oakland Post

Sen. Kamala Harris has released a playlist in honor of Black Music Month.
The 45-song playlist includes tracks from Lauryn Hill, A Tribe Called Quest, Marvin Gaye, Beyoncé, Childish Gambino, The Roots, Kendrick Lamar, Chance The Rapper, Erykah Badu, and many others.

READ: Can You Find The Misspelling In Trump’s African-American Music Appreciation Month Proclamation?

“Our nation has an indelible soundtrack, songs that have become anthems recognized across the world,” Harris said to HuffPost. “Much of that soundtrack is inspired and informed by the vast contributions of African-American artists in jazz, R&B, rap, hip-hop, and beyond.”

“No matter where you are from or what you look like, music is a bond that can bring us all together,” she added. “To celebrate African-American music is to dance, sing, and even march to the rhythms that have long served as vehicles for honesty, inspiration, struggle, success, and joy.”

Check out the playlist below.


Cheat Sheet: Hear Nearly Every Pete Rock Sample in This 31-Hour Playlist

Cheat Sheet: Hear Nearly Every Pete Rock Sample in This 31-Hour Playlist

Photo by Vickey Ford (Sneakshot) for Okayplayer

Pete’s jazz comes alive in this 31-hour-plus playlist of sample source material
Today, we tip our hats and raise a glass to Pete Rock on the legend’s 47th year of terrestrial living. Emerging from Mount Vernon, NY with CL Smooth as an innovative jazz-flushed force in hip-hop in the early nineties, PR earned his stripes as a trusted and learned suite-constructor amongst NYC’s elite wordsmith, attaining master-level reverence by the time he and J Dilla crossed paths, at which point teacher quickly went back to school as one of hip-hop’s most vocal (and humble) advocates of the late producer’s GOAT status.

HEAR:Cheat Sheet: Dig Deep Into J Dilla’s Sample Archive

As such, PR remains one of the few producers we’ve been able to learn and grow with over the years; “inventing the remix” in the jazz-leaning nineties aughts, putting the boom in boom-bap in the hard-nosed mid-decade swing, bringing soul to a turn-of-the-century revival and build..

Authorities Release Dashcam Footage From the Philando Castile Shooting

Authorities Release Dashcam Footage From the Philando Castile Shooting

Photo courtesy of YouTube.

“Hello, sir…How are you?”

These were the words St. Anthony, Minnesota police officer Jeronimo Yanez said to Philando Castile on the evening of July 6, 2016. Forty seconds later, Philando was bleeding to death in his 1997 Oldsmobile.

READ: Officer Jeronimo Yanez Found Not Guilty In Killing Of Philando Castile

How swiftly things turned violent was the main thing we learned yesterday after the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension made the dashcam footage of the Castile shooting public.

Here is the conversation that occurred before Castile started shooting:

Castile: Sir, I have to tell you I do have a …

Yanez: OK.

Castile: … firearm on me.

Yanez: OK

Castile: I (inaudible)

Yanez: Don’t reach for it then.

Castile: I’m, I, I was reaching for …

Yanez: Don’t pull it out.

Castile: I’m not pulling it out.

Reynolds: He’s not.

Yanez: Don’t pull it out..

From there Yanez pulled out his gun and left off a number of shots directly into the c..

DMX, Swizz Beatz, & Eve to Reunite For Ruff Ryders 20th Anniversary Tour

✈️ @therealswizzz

A post shared by DMX (@dmx) on Dec 9, 2016 at 2:13pm PST

Back in April, DMX, Eve, Swizz Beatz and the rest of the Ruff Ryders crew reunited for a concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Now the Ruff Ryders crew is taking that tour on the road. All the stars you love from the crew—DMX, Swizz Beatz, Eve, The Lox, and Drag-On —will appear on the tour, which is celebrating the 20-year anniversary of the label forming.

READ: DMX, Eve + Ruff Ryders To Reunite At Brooklyn’s Barclays Center

On a select number of dates, Fat Joe will be hitting the stage and performing.

LISTEN: DMX and Swizz Beatz Reunite on Booming New Single “Bane Iz Back”

Check out the tour dates below. The dates with the dollar sign ($) feature Fat Joe.

09-07 Miami, FL – Bayfront Park Amphitheater $
09-08 Tampa, FL – MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre $
09-10 Charlotte, NC – PNC Music Pavilion $
09-13 Cedar Park, TX – H-E-B Center at Ceder Park $
09-15 Houston, TX – Toyota Center $
09-16 Dalla..

The ‘Star Wars’ Han Solo Spinoff Loses Both of its Directors

The ‘Star Wars’ Han Solo Spinoff Loses Both of its Directors

Photo courtesy of Star Wars.

The upcoming Star Wars Han Solo movie has lost both of its directors, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, according to a report from Hollywood Reporter.

READ: Donald Glover Cast As Lando Calrissian In New ‘Star Wars’ Film

The reason? There were “creative differences,” according to what the suits in the studio are saying. Kathleen Kennedy, the president of Lucasfilm, released a statement right after the news broke:

“Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are talented filmmakers who have assembled an incredible cast and crew, but it’s become clear that we had different creative visions on this film, and we’ve decided to part ways. A new director will be announced soon.”

Lord and Miller, who are best known for directing 21 Jump Street and The Lego Movie, also released a statement:

“We normally aren’t fans of the phrase ‘creative differences’ but for once this cliché is true. We are really proud of the amazing and world-class work of our cast and crew.”

READ: Mi..

R.I.P. Prodigy: What The Mobb Deep Legend Meant To Me + Hip-Hop

R.I.P. Prodigy: What The Mobb Deep Legend Meant To Me + Hip-Hop

Photo Credit: Averie Cole for Okayplayer.

At the young age of 42, Albert Johnson, better known as Prodigy of Mobb Deep, defined an era of hip-hop while cementing his legacy as one of the best to do it.
All my greats are departing from this place called earth to a place no man can see with their own eyes. The news shared by Nas about Prodigy’s passing hit me especially hard having just seen him and Havoc get busy alongside Black Thought at this year’s Roots Picnic. I had never seen them perform live, but thanks to this gig I was able to cross another dream off of my bucket list. For hip-hop fans of my generation, P and Havoc were like a shotgun and a buzzsaw, an effective means of kicking ass and torturing any wack MCs within the vicinity. As a snot nose myself, hip-hop represented my music and acts like Da Youngstas, Illegal, M.O.P. were my ear’s addiction. Being from a small town in Ohio (#330, whattup!) — we only had the radio, magazines and BET’s Rap City to peer into the vast outs..

Forever Infamous: Prodigy’s Best Guest Verses [Playlist]

Forever Infamous: Prodigy’s Best Guest Verses [Playlist]

Celebrating the late Queens legend’s impeccable collaborative catalog
Today we lost a real one. Maybe too real for some. And while I haven’t lived long enough to fully comprehend the size and scope of Prodigy‘s influence or impact, it doesn’t take a doctorate to know and feel the community reeling in the wake of this untimely death.

In the maybe one dozen years I’ve been aware of Prodigy, both as half of Mobb Deep and, by that point, an exemplary solo act, one thing was clear about the man: Bumpy Johnson was an adaptive and versatile lyricist that brought edge and grit to the cinematic rap canon. And he worked extensively (and exceptionally well) with others. Whether lacing a Pete Rock classic alongside Pretty Tony and The Chef or blazing some dusty soul a la Alchemist, P was always ready to throw some muscle over a choice selection from your favorite MC or producer’s new tape, with a timeless voice and flow that finessed any generational gap with ease.

Naturally, we’ve compiled 25 o..

Stevie Wonder: ‘You Cannot Say Black Lives Matter And Then Kill Yourselves’

Stevie Wonder: ‘You Cannot Say Black Lives Matter And Then Kill Yourselves’

Image courtesy of CBS

Stevie Wonder is facing criticism for recent remarks made at a peace summit in Minneapolis.
While addressing the audience at a “Conference On Peace” event Saturday, Wonder highlighted the fatal shooting of Philando Castile at the hands of former officer Jeronimo Yanez, with the latter being found not guilty in the former’s death. Wonder then transitioned into talking about the Black Lives Matter movement and implying that the movement should be focusing on black-on-black violence.

READ: Officer Jeronimo Yanez Found Not Guilty In Killing Of Philando Castile

“It is in your hands to stop all of the killing and the shooting wherever it might be,” Wonder said. “Because you cannot say, ‘Black lives matter,’ and then kill yourselves. Because you know we’ve mattered long before it was said, but the way we show that we matter, and the way that we show all the various people of color matter is by loving each other and doing something about it. Not just talking about it.”..

SZA Recruits The Real ‘Drew Barrymore’ For Drew Barrymore Video

SZA Recruits The Real ‘Drew Barrymore’ For Drew Barrymore Video

Screenshot via YouTube

SZA has dropped the music video for “Drew Barrymore.”
The four-minute long video features SZA venturing through different parts of New York City before ending up at a house party with a group of friends. Although there are many notable scenes throughout the video the most standout one is surely Drew Barrymore, who makes a cameo.

LISTEN: Stream SZA’s Major Label Debut Album ‘CTRL’ Now

CTRL, SZA’s debut album,dropped a couple of weeks ago. The 14-track release features guest appearances from Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, James Fauntleroy, and Isaiah Rashad. Our very own Managing Editor Kevin Clark had some positive thoughts on the album, writing:

CTRL is an engaging, risqué-filled romp into the mind of a black woman who makes her own choices, dabbles in her own vices and makes no apologies for the outcome. If she is lost in an unforbidden love with someone who is already tied-down, like on ‘The Weekend,’ she empowers herself as the better woman despite being in..

Civil Lawsuit Over Michael Brown’s Death Nears Settlement With Ferguson

Civil Lawsuit Over Michael Brown’s Death Nears Settlement With Ferguson

Photo by Elcardo Anthony

Michael Brown’s family and the city of Ferguson are close to reaching a wrongful death settlement.
In a report from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Brown’s parents, the city of Ferguson, former Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson and former police Officer Darren Wilson are nearing settlement of a wrongful death lawsuit over Brown’s death back in 2014.

READ: Warner Bros. Is Working On A Michael Brown Movie

The lawsuit was filed back in May 2015, nearly nine months after Brown’s death, with the suit claiming that “a culture of pervasive hostility toward African-Americans led to the death of the 18-year-old.” The document also stated that Wilson used excessive and unreasonable force, and Wilson and other officers were poorly trained.

The settlement has yet to be finalized or approved by a judge and the amount will reportedly be less than $3 million ($3 million is the limit of the city’s insurance).

READ: Lezley McSpadden, Michael Brown’s Mother, Graduated High Sch..

Prodigy of Mobb Deep Dead at 42

Prodigy of Mobb Deep Dead at 42

Photo Credit: Vickey Ford (Sneakshot) for Okayplayer.

Prodigy, one-half of the hip-hop duo Mobb Deep with Havoc, was one of the illest storytellers to ever grace the culture.
Extremely sad news, rap fans, as the legendary Mobb Deep lyricist Prodigy has passed away. According to his fellow Queensbridge rap savant, Nasir Jones, the man born Albert Johnson has shed his mortal coil. No other details have been offered and we will continue to follow along with the story as it develops.

Born in Hempstead, New York, raised in Queens, Prodigy became a member of the street-wise duo Mobb Deep. His grandfather, Budd Johnson, and his great-uncle Keg Johnson were strong contributors to the Bebop era of jazz, making Prodigy just that for music at a young age. Nas helped to raise public consciousness about Prodigy and Havoc, as the single, “Shook Ones Pt. 2,” raced up the hip-hop charts.

An album fueled by the inner city experiences of the then-young lyricists, The Infamous and Hell on Earth became..

Common Joins Forces With MAKERS To Celebrate The Influence Of Women

Common Joins Forces With MAKERS To Celebrate The Influence Of Women

Photo by Vickey Ford for Okayplayer

Common honors his mother and other influential women in his life in a new interview.
Speaking with MAKERS the Chicago rapper spoke about the support and love he has gotten from his mother throughout his life.

“My home and my foundation has been my mother. She really taught me how to love by example and in some ways could be very disciplinarian,” Common says.

Watch: Common, Robert Glasper, And Karriem Riggins’ ‘Tiny Desk Concert’ At The White House

He then discusses how he became interested in rapping, saying how poets such as Dr. Maya Angelou and Nikki Giovanni inspired him to write his first rap as a 12-year-old.

Fast forward to 1990, and Common is attending Florida A&M University while sending out demo tapes to become a rap artist. A year later he was offered a recording contract and had to tell his mother that he was dropping out of school to pursue a rap career.

Watch: Common Explores Black Love In New Documentary ‘Love Star’

“Knowing that..

The Pollyseeds Add Some Color To Janet Jackson’s “Funny How Time Flies”

The Pollyseeds Add Some Color To Janet Jackson’s “Funny How Time Flies”

Terrace Martin’s supergroup offer a new take on the Rhythm Nation cut
The Pollyseeds are like family here at Okayplayer, as the collaborative group of A-list producers and musicians have come together for their debut album, Sounds of Crenshaw Vol. 1, which we are excited for.

LISTEN: The Pollyseeds Share “Intentions” With The Jazz-Loving Public

“Funny How Time Flies” made its premiere to the world via Zane Lowe and continues to drive attention to the project. The track features chief Pollyseeds architect Terrace Martin and Grammy Award winning pianist, Robert Glasper, and is totally worth playing on repeat if you’re trapped in this bad New York weather.

Listen as Ropeadope’s finest gets busy over a Janet Jackson standard by playing “Funny How Time Flies” below + be sure to cop the album when it comes out July 14:

The post The Pollyseeds Add Some Color To Janet Jackson’s “Funny How Time Flies” appeared first on Okayplayer.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Japan To Open In Tokyo This September

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Japan To Open In Tokyo This September

Photo courtesy of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Entering into a license agreement with Tokyo, Japan, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will open an exhibition in the Far East this September.
In an attempt to expand its mission to “engage, teach and inspire” through the power of rock-and-roll, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has connected with Tokyo to open an exhibition beginning September 2017.

READ: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2017 Class: Tupac, Journey + More

The inaugural event will be a temporary spot as they will build a permanent space to open up at a later date. Featuring content from the original Cleveland location, Japan will be blessed with some of the dope artifacts from over the last 60 years of music history.

In the past year alone, some of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s exhibits showcased have included:

Louder Than Words: Rock, Power & Politics: From the moment rock and roll hit the airwaves, it’s played a crucial role in politics and social movements around the world. Thi..

Another Noose Found Hanging Outside DC Museum

Another Noose Found Hanging Outside DC Museum

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Another noose has been found on the Washington Mall in Washington D.C.
On Saturday evening U.S. Park Police discovered a noose near the National Gallery of Art hanging from a light post. Police are reportedly still investigating the incident, with it being the third one to occur in recent weeks.

The first incident occurred back in May when a noose was found hanging from a tree outside the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. This was followed up by a noose that was discovered by visitors at an exhibition at the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

READ: A Noose Was Found At The National Museum Of African American History

Lonnie Bunch, the founding director of the African American Museum, released a statement addressing the incident shortly after it occurred.

READ: Black Student Allegedly Attacked By White Classmates With A Noose

“The noose has long represented a deplorable act of cowardice and depravity — a symbol of extreme violence..

GoldLink Announces Headlining Fall Tour in Support of ‘At What Cost’

“You are water, I’m water, we’re all water in different containers, that’s why it’s so easy to meet. Someday we’ll evaporate together.”

A post shared by GoldLink (@goldlink) on Jun 4, 2017 at 4:46pm PDT

A fall touring itinerary from the DC dynamo
Fresh off the road with Little Dragon, GoldLink will be embarking on a lengthy headlining tour this fall in support of his own new album, At What Cost.

HEAR: GoldLink’s Debut Album At What Cost feat. Kaytranada, Jazmine Sullivan, Steve Lacy and More

Announced today, the tour will launch at the top of September at Nashville’s Exit/In, running through the month of October, hitting every corner of the North American continent before capping off at Coda in Philadelphia.

WATCH: GoldLink, Shy Glizzy and Brent Faiyaz Hit The District in New “Crew” Video

Peep the full schedule below and hit the link to grab a copy of GoldLink’s At What Cost on iTunes today.


Tour Dates:
9/3 – Nashville, TN @ Exit/In
9/6 – Atlanta, GA Masquerade – Heaven..

Knxwledge Remixes N.E.R.D., Action Bronson and More on New ‘WrapTaypes’ Installment

Knxwledge Remixes N.E.R.D., Action Bronson and More on New ‘WrapTaypes’ Installment

Source: Gangster Doodles

The Stones Throw producer delivers another episode of his excellent WrapTaypes series
As the world awaits a Yes Lawd! remix project with anxious anticipation, Knxwledge is keeping up with his relentless Bandcamp assault.

NxWorries Salute ‘Paid In Full’ in New “Scared Money” Video, Announce Yes Lawd! Remix Album

Adding to his nearing 80-deep arsenal of beat tapes, the NxWorries producer has released yet another installment of his WrapTaypes series, providing dusty soul backdrops for choice selections from N.E.R.D., Action Bronson, Meek Mill and a grip of others on WT. PRT . 11_, his first Bandcamp release since GREENTXTS V1 back in February and a standalone remix of Bibio‘s “Feeling” the following month. Hopefully, the uncharacteristic delay means we’re not too far out from the next NxWorries outing. With rumored contributions to upcoming projects from fellow Ancient Aliens enthusiasts, Bronson and Earl Sweatshirt, we’ll be hearing plenty more from the Stone..

Cuba Says Returning Assata Shakur To U.S. Is ‘Off The Table’

Cuba Says Returning Assata Shakur To U.S. Is ‘Off The Table’

Photo courtesy of Democracy Now

Cuba has responded to Donald Trump’s demand to return Assata Shakur to the United States.
Gustavo Machin, the deputy director of American affairs at the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said to Yahoo News that he has no intention of returning Joanne Chesimard, better known to many as Assata Shakur, to the United States.

“I can say it is off the table,” Machin said.

READ: Donald Trump Is Going After Assata Shakur On Tupac’s Birthday

Trump made the demand while in Miami, Florida, for his Cuba policy address on Friday. The 45th President of the United States referred to Shakur as a “cop killer,” alluding to her being convicted of killing a New Jersey state trooper and escaping from a U.S. prison during the 1970s.

Officials in New Jersey, led by Gov. Chris Christie and Sen. Bob Menendez, have called for Shakur’s return before the U.S. goes further with normalizing relations with Cuba. Menendez wrote in a letter last week to Secretary of State John Ker..

Seattle Police Kill Pregnant Woman Who Called 911 For Help

Seattle Police Kill Pregnant Woman Who Called 911 For Help

Photo by Ken Lambert for the Seattle Times

A 30-year-old black woman who had called Seattle police officers to report an attempted burglary was shot and killed by two officers after allegedly brandishing a knife.
In a report from the Seattle Times, two officers were responding to a report made by Charleena Lyles about an attempted burglary at her apartment on Sunday morning. At some point, Lyles displayed a knife and the two officers shot and killed her. Lyles’ children were inside the apartment at the time of the shooting, but none of them were injured. The 30-year-old was also seven months pregnant.

READ: Officer Jeronimo Yanez Found Not Guilty In Killing Of Philando Castile

“Officers were confronted by a 30-year-old woman armed with a knife,” the Seattle Police Department wrote on its website. “Both officers fired their duty weapons, striking the woman.”

However, family members of Lyles have questioned why officers shot the 30-year-old mother, describing her as “tiny” and “weigh..

Jay Z’s ‘4:44’ is Actually His New Album and It’s Dropping Next Week

Jay Z’s ‘4:44’ is Actually His New Album and It’s Dropping Next Week

The long-rumored response to Lemonade is upon us.
One could (and probably should) never knock the hustle of Jay Z. Days after being inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame (as its very first rapper) and declaring he’d be bailing fathers out jail on their day, The Man From Marcy appears to have yet another blockbuster up his sleeve.

WATCH: Jay Z Connects With Sprint To Share ‘4:44’ Trailer + New Song “Adnis”

Disguised as a trailer for a TIDAL-exclusive film starring Danny Glover and Mahershala Ali, 4:44 has been revealed to be Hov’s new album, and it’s arriving much sooner than we could have imagined. A second trailer for the project, released over the weekend, features roughly 30 seconds of new music before teasing the date “6.30.2017.,” which we can only assume is his due date. The song “Adnis,” featured in the clip, is named after his father. It’s yet to be confirmed, but the new album will likely be exclusive to TIDAL users and could be exclusive to Sprint users, as the service..

Vince Staples Unveils Star-Studded ‘Big Fish Theory’ Tracklist

Vince Staples Unveils Star-Studded ‘Big Fish Theory’ Tracklist

Source: Ural Garrett for Okayplayer

Featuring Kendrick Lamar, Bon Iver, ASAP Rocky and more.
Days out from the unveiling of a much-anticipated new project, Vince Staples is filling in the blanks on Big Fish Theory. Over the weekend, the razor-sharp LBC rep shared the official track for the album, unveiling a star-studded line-up for the album, featuring contributions from Kendrick Lamar, Bon Iver‘s Justin Vernon, ASAP Rocky, Juicy J, Ty Dolla $ign and more.

HEAR: Vince Staples & Ty Dolla $ign Team Up For “Rain Come Down”

Vince Staples’ Big Fish Theory arrives this Friday, June 23rd, via Def Jam, following a contribution to Gorillaz Humanz earlier this year.


— Vince Staples (@vincestaples) June 18, 2017

Scroll on to peep the full tracklist and hit the link below to pre-order your copy today. Hold tight for the full reveal this Friday.

Jay Z Connects With Sprint To Share ‘4:44’ Trailer + New Song “Adnis”

4:44 June 30th #TidalXSprint @S_C_

— THE GREY DISTRICT (@TheGreyDistrict) June 19, 2017

Jay Z teases what may be a new project, while partnering Tidal with mobile giant, Sprint.
That boy Hov stays with the magic tricks, don’t he? After building up hype for his mysterious 4:44 campaign, it seems slowly, but surely that all will be revealed. Is it a full-fledged album from Jay Z, detailing his thoughts and feelings post-Lemonade? Well, we have a little bit of insight to glean from this new commercial promoting the God MC’s partnership between Sprint and Tidal.

READ: Congratulations, Beyoncé + Jay Z: The Twins Have Arrived

In the clip, which you can see above, Oscar Award-winner Mahershala Ali is shadow-boxing and training with Danny Glover, while Jay drops a half a minute worth of bars about a “letter to my dad that I never wrote.” With not much known about the project prior to this clip hitting the eStreets, all we knew was that we were hoping it would’ve ..

Congratulations, Beyoncé + Jay Z: The Twins Have Arrived

Congratulations, Beyoncé + Jay Z: The Twins Have Arrived

Photo courtesy of Twitter.

The billionaire couple finally welcome their newest bundles of joy to the world.
Whoever had a date in the second week of June picked for the #BeyTwins baby office pool — you are undoubtedly a savant. Beyoncé and her husband, Songwriter Hall of Fame inductee Jay Z, have welcomed twins into the natural world.

Joining their big sister, Blue Ivy, who is five-years-old now, we still aren’t sure if they are fraternal twins or identical. That news hasn’t stopped the Internet from going nutso over the brand new bundles of joy. Tweets from friends, fans and celebrities alike. “Bey and Jay are thrilled and have started sharing the news with their family and closest friends,” a close source to the couple shared with People.

They’re here!#beyonce #twins #jayz #happybirthday

— Mathew Knowles (@MathewKnowles) June 18, 2017

With today being Father’s Day, King Bey’s own pops, Mathew Knowles, confirmed the new via Twitter, writing, “They’re he..

Happy Birthday, Kenny: Here’s 14 Stories About Kendrick Lamar You Should Read

Happy Birthday, Kenny: Here’s 14 Stories About Kendrick Lamar You Should Read

Photo Credit: Ural Garrett for Okayplayer.

Let’s welcome the award-winning MC to the dirty-30 club.
Born on this day, June 17, 1987, in Compton, California, a child would grow into one of the most devastating artists to come out in a generation. Beginning his career as K-Dot, Kendrick Lamar released an album that caught the attention of TDE impresario Top Dawg. Building his reputation as a strong MC and a pretty descriptive storyteller, Kendrick Lamar would sign to Top Dawg Entertainment, release his first retail release (Overly Dedicated) and amass a large following on the eStreets.

BUY: Pre-order Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DAMN.’ 2xLP on Vinyl.

Lamar has received numerous accolades, but none more important than an ambassador for those who are facing struggles in life. He has been philanthropic to his community in Compton and a true betterment to the world as a whole. From “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” to “Alright” to “Humble,” the good kid from the m.A.A.d. city has finessed the game and enr..

Chaka Khan Drops “I Love Myself” On Her Own Label

Chaka Khan Drops “I Love Myself” On Her Own Label

Photo courtesy of Twitter.

The 10-time Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter releases her first official single under hew new, iKhan Sounds indie record label.
Chaka Khan is an institution of funk, soul and R&B. A rebellious, beautiful force to be reckoned with she has continued to push artistry forward with every step in her career. With such accolades and awards to her credit, Chaka Khan has let loose some new tunes with the self-esteem anthem, “I Love Myself,” which features B. Slade.

HEAR: Kanye West Rhyme Over Another Chaka Khan-Sampled Cut

Written and produced by Chaka Khan, B. Slade and Eve Nelson, the song “I Love Myself” will be followed by a music video, which will drop in two weeks on Friday, June 30. Eagled-eyed fans will be happy to know that the video will offer 10 special guest features from the winners of the “I Love Myself” video contest. The sweepstakes was created by Chaka Khan to engage fans in helping spread the message of love, self-esteem and acceptance. To e..

Bill Cosby’s Sexual Assault Case Ends In Mistrial

Bill Cosby’s Sexual Assault Case Ends In Mistrial

Photo courtesy of ABC News.

The jury must decide whether or not they want to charge the comedian at a later date.
Yes, you read that all correctly. After six days of deliberation, discussion and debate, seven men and five women were unable to render a unanimous verdict on any of the three counts of felony aggravated indecent assault charges on Bill Cosby.

The entertainer, who pleaded not guilty, has denied any wrongdoing in the other accusations hanging over his head. And Kevin R. Steele, the district attorney who brought the charges forth, has immediately announced that he will retry the case. Cosby, 79, never took the stand, but excerpts from his 2005 and 2006 depositions in a civil suit were read aloud.

READ: Bill Cosby Wants To Revive Comedy Career After Trial

The two sides closed their respective cases alluding inconsistencies and irregularities in their arguments. Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele described Cosby as a “calculating sexual predator, who not only ..

Warner Bros. is Working on a Michael Brown Movie

Warner Bros. is Working on a Michael Brown Movie

Photo courtesy of Elcardo Anthony.

Warner Bros. is working on a movie centered on the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, the unarmed 18-year-old who was shot and killed by Ferguson police in 2014.

According to Tracking-Board, the production company acquired the rights to Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil: The Life, Legacy, and Love of My Son Michael Brown, the 2016 memoir written by Lezley McSpadden, Mike Brown’s mother.

READ: Lezley McSpadden, Michael Brown’s Mother, Graduated High School

According to what insiders told Tracking-Board, Warner Bros. wants a movie “that is tonally and thematically similar to Crash.” If true, this creative decision will be a red flag to some, encouraging to others. (Despite winning the Best Picture Oscar in 2005, Crash is a movie that is deeply polarizing.)

Warner Bros. is looking for a writer to adapt the screenplay. Reportedly, they’re looking for a black writer to handle the script.

SOURCE: Tracking-Board

The post Warner Bros. is Working on a Mich..

A.CHAL Announces the Dates for His ‘ON GAZ’ Tour

A post shared by A.CHAL (@a.chal) on Jun 11, 2017 at 3:09pm PDT

Two weeks ago, A.CHAL released his critically acclaimed mixtape ON GAZ.

Now, the talented L.A.-based singer and songwriter is taking that project on the road. This week, he announced the ten stop ON GAZ tour.

LISTEN: Stream A.CHAL’s Excellent New Mixtape ‘ON GAZ’ Now

The tour, which will begin in August, starts off in Santa Ann, California before slowly making his way to East Coast cities like Washington DC and New York City. The tour wraps up with the singer heading back west, with his last date being at the Roxy Theater in West Hollywood, California in September. It’s a lot of ground to cover in less than a month.

WATCH: A.CHAL Drops a Trippy ‘Tron’-Inspired Video For “Matrix

Scroll down to see all the dates below.

Aug. 23 – Santa Ana, Calif. – The Observatory
Aug. 26 – Dallas, Texas – Three Links
Aug. 27 – Houston, Texas – Warehouse Live
Aug. 29 – Atlanta, Ga. – Aisle 5
Aug. 31 – Chicago, Ill. – Reggie’s Rock..

Jay Z Plans on Bailing Out Incarcerated Dads for Father’s Day

Jay Z Plans on Bailing Out Incarcerated Dads for Father’s Day

Photo of Harvey Weinstein & Jay Z courtesy of Twitter.

Earlier today, TIME published an essay written by Jay Z.

In the essay, Jay takes aim at the criminal justice system. In particular, Hov focuses on the unjust bail bond system, which keeps poor people who can’t afford bail in jail. In the essay, Jay says it’s something he became “obsessed with” after executive producing the Time: The Kalief Browder Story. That docuseries told the story of Kalief Browder, the 16-year-old who spent three years on Rikers Island mainly because his family couldn’t afford to make bail.

Hov goes on to write:

“When black and brown people are over-policed and arrested and accused of crimes at higher rates than others, and then forced to pay for their freedom before they ever see trial, big bail companies prosper. This pre-incarceration conundrum is devastating to families. One in 9 black children has an incarcerated parent. Families are forced to take on more debt, often in predatory lending schemes crea..

‘4:44’ Has a Release Date…Is It a New Jay Z album?

A post shared by TIDAL (@tidal) on Oct 20, 2016 at 9:20am PDT

Last week, 4:44 posters and billboards popped up all over New York City.

The posters were put up by TIDAL; so people, naturally, started assuming a new Jay Z album was dropping soon.

LISTEN: The Beyonce and Jay Z Mash-Up Album You’ve Always Wanted is Here

And then, during game three of the NBA Finals, a trailer to what looked like a TIDAL exclusive movie starring Mahershala Ali and Lupita Nyong’o aired.

So now we thought 4:44 was just a movie. However, there’s news!

The folks at HipHopDX noticed that a bunch of 4:44 posters started popping up in the Los Angeles area. The posters feature a date, June 30th, 2017, and “JAY:Z: name in large print. (Hov changing his name again?)

Here is the poster:

Mysterious Jay Z-Related “4:44” Project Gets A Release Date

— HipHopDX (@HipHopDX) June 16, 2017

So what does this mean? Jay Z single? Jay Z album? Jay Z movie? A Jay Z alb..

Reader’s Poll: Vote on The Best Albums of 2017 So Far

Reader’s Poll: Vote on The Best Albums of 2017 So Far

Who you got?
Here we are at the midway point of 2017, the year a burnt squash took office and erased 8 years of measurable good in like 12 minutes. But all is not lost. A tightly-coiled shitpile is unraveling before our eyes. And damn that feels good.

Which is to say, wading the psychological and cultural tremors of this administration is probably taking its toll. Jaded? Sure. Distracted? You bet. Finished? Nah. Self-medicating is self-care and when it comes to (at least) dulling the perpetual sucker-punch of Trumplandia, the year in music has been there for us. As a pill, as a blanket, as an exercise in emotional dexterity.

In terms of listening regiments, this typically results in clinging to whatever hits hardest at a profound low, a painfully regular occurrence in 2017. And that’s fine. You should know, however, that this year’s musical landscape, perhaps more than any other in recent memory, was fit with a peak in frequencies for each and every dip into grueling executive-level ..

New Miniseries Confronts Hypocrisy Of ‘America’s War On Drugs’

New Miniseries Confronts Hypocrisy Of ‘America’s War On Drugs’

Screenshot via YouTube

America’s War On Drugs confronts the hypocrisy of U.S. drug policy.
The History channel will be debuting its miniseries America’s War On Drugs on Sunday and in anticipation of its release a clip centered around the creation of crack cocaine and Richard Donnell “Freeway Rick” Ross has dropped.

READ: Oakland Offers Drug War Reparations Through New Marijuana Equity Program

The eight-minute long clip begins in Los Angeles, California, 1983 when Ross is introduced to drug trafficker Oscar Danilo Blandón. By now, Ross has become a major drug dealer in Los Angeles but is having a hard time finding enough cocaine to keep his dealings afloat. Blandón helps him with this problem by giving him large quantities of high-quality cocaine with an additional discount.

“My profit margin skyrocketed,” Ross says. The video then transitions into Ross discovering crack cocaine and realizing he can profit even more by making the drug himself. “We went from making $300 a day, next t..

Donald Trump Is Going After Assata Shakur On Tupac’s Birthday

Donald Trump Is Going After Assata Shakur On Tupac’s Birthday

Photo courtesy of Democracy Now

Donald Trump has demanded that Cuba returns Assata Shakur.
Trump made the statement while in Miami, Florida, for his Cuba policy address. The 45th President of the United States reportedly referred to Shakur by her former name Joanne Chesimard and demanded that Cuba turns over the “cop killer.”

READ: Happy Birthday, Tupac: 13 Stories About The Legend You Should Read

Prior to the announcement, it was likely that Trump was going to demand the return of Shakur. Last week, CNN had reported that he was expected to demand that US fugitives of justice be extradited. Shakur received political asylum in Cuba after being convicted of killing a New Jersey state trooper and escaping from a U.S. prison.

READ: Steve McQueen To Direct An Authorized Documentary On Tupac Shakur

A part of his Cuba policy, Trump is backpedaling on the policy enacted during Barack Obama’s presidency. As CBS News reports:

‘It’s hard to think of a policy that makes less sense than the l..

A Lithuanian Basketball Team’s President Blames Black Players For Its Struggles

A Lithuanian Basketball Team’s President Blames Black Players For Its Struggles

Photo courtesy of BC Lietuvos Rytas.

Gedvydas Vainauskas, president of the BC Lietuvos Rytas, has ignited controversy after attributing his team’s woes to having “too many black players”.
Basketball has been a global entity, as the NBA has had its fair share of foreign born players. As well as it is no secret that American players find continued success with taking their talents in the wide blue yonder. Now, according to writer Simonas Baranauskas, the president of a Lithuanian professional basketball team has sparked anger within the community after making incendiary comments about his players of color.

“We’ve always held a stance that there shouldn’t be more than two black players on the team,” Gedvydas Vainauskas said “What happened was that coach Tomas Pacesas lieks to play with black players—to control them, to teach them, to tutor them—and we ended up with four players that are black.” Not subtle at all, right? The president would use all sorts of language to paint his..

Hear Prince’s Unreleased “Father’s Song” off Upcoming Deluxe ‘Purple Rain’ Reissue

Hear Prince’s Unreleased “Father’s Song” off Upcoming Deluxe ‘Purple Rain’ Reissue

Another unreleased track from the much-anticipated expanded and deluxe reissue of Purple Rain
T-minus two weeks until the arrival of mammoth reissue of Prince‘s era-defining classic Purple Rain, and we’re still getting drops from the vault. On the heels of the “Our Destiny/Roadhouse Garden” two-fer, another selection from the expanded release has arrived. “Father’s Song,” later interpolated into the album cut “Computer Blue,” can now be heard in its bare, piano-led instrumental form for the first time ever.

HEAR: Prince’s “Our Destiny/Roadhouse Garden” From Upcoming Deluxe Purple Rain Reissue

Hear “Father’s Song” in this week’s installment of The Round-Up below and scroll on to peep the full track list for expanded and deluxe releases of Prince’s Purple Rain. Hit the link to pre-order your copy today via iTunes.



Disc One: Original Album (2015 Paisley Park Remaster)
1. Let’s Go Crazy
2. Take Me With U
3. The Beautiful Ones
4. Computer Blue
5. Darling Nikki..

Detroit Man Freed After 41 Years In Prison For Murder He Didn’t Commit

Detroit Man Freed After 41 Years In Prison For Murder He Didn’t Commit

Photo by Corey Williams for AP Photo

After spending over 41 years in prison Ledura Watkins has finally been released.
In a report from FOX2, Watkins, now 61, was released from Wayne County Jail on Thursday after his conviction was overturned for a murder he never committed. The conviction stems from an incident back in 1975 in which Watkins was charged with first-degree murder in the fatal shooting of 25-year-old Yvette Ingram during a home robbery.

READ: Innocent Philadelphia Man Freed After Spending 24 Years In Prison

Watkins was tied to the scene by police-lab analysts based on a single hair that an FBI expert witness testified was microscopically similar and could have come from Watkins, resulting in the then-20-year-old to be sentenced to life in prison.

Decades later, the Innocence Project at the Western Michigan University-Cooley Law School took up Watkins’ case and tested the single hair again, with the evidence not meeting current FBI standards for hair comparison.

“In 19..

Stream 2 Chainz’ New Album ‘Pretty Girls Like Trap Music’ Now

A post shared by 2 Chainz Aka Tity Boi (@hairweavekiller) on May 31, 2017 at 6:55pm PDT

The legend of 2 Chainz continues.

A year after releasing ColleGrove, his 2016 album that heavily featured Lil Wayne, Chainz is back with another album: Pretty Girls Like Trap Music.

LISTEN: Erykah Badu Made a Trap Playlist For 2 Chainz [Stream]

The album, which is Chainz’ fourth, was just released on all streaming platforms. The album is star-studded, with guests like Travis Scott, Drake, Swae Lee, Monica, and Pharrell all featured.

Last week, the Atlanta rapper announced a massive 35 city Pretty Girls Like Trap Music tour. What makes the tour exciting is that he will be joined by the Trap Choir. (Just think of his performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.)

Check out the tour dates below:

A post shared by 2 Chainz Aka Tity Boi (@hairweavekiller) on Jun 6, 2017 at 11:08am PDT

And, of course, listen to Pretty Girls Like Trap Music here.

The post Stream 2 Chainz’ New Album ‘Pretty..

Read the Massive List of Rappers That “Inspired” Jay Z

Read the Massive List of Rappers That “Inspired” Jay Z

This evening, Jay Z will be inducted into the songwriting hall of fame. He’s the first rapper to be given this honor.

READ: Jay Z Tells Jay Electronica, ‘Let’s Go Put This Album Out’

The always graceful Jay Z decided to have his speech in public. In a Tweetstorm that lasted for more than 10 tweets, Hov gave props to every single rapper that inspired him. There’s the usual MCs who you would expect, like Rakim, Ice Cube, Nas, and the Notorious B.I.G.

READ: Jay Z Will Headline This Year’s Meadows Festival In Queens, N.Y

But then there were a few surprises, like Playboi Carti, Nipsey Hussle, Quavo and T Grizzly (Hov also made reference to “First Day Out” being the best song right now.)

But enough speaking for the man. Read what he wrote:

Thank you to all the people that have inspired me . Rakim KANE KRS chuck cube Jaz Em Andre Nas big PAC cole kendrick chance jayE ..wait,

— Mr. Carter (@S_C_) June 16, 2017

Lauryn Nicki lite latifah common ye drake and meek . Run caz LL chainz cam t..

Steve Harvey Mocks Flint Resident: ‘Enjoy Your Nice Brown Glass Of Water’

Steve Harvey Mocks Flint Resident: ‘Enjoy Your Nice Brown Glass Of Water’

Photo by Monica Schipper for Getty Images

Steve Harvey is facing criticism following remarks he made to a Flint resident.
During his “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” the comedian and Family Feud host took a call from someone in Flint, Michigan, who told Harvey that Cleveland didn’t “deserve jack” following the Cavaliers’ NBA Finals loss to the Golden State Warriors.

Harvey, who lived in Cleveland at one point growing up and is a Cavaliers fan, took offense to the comment and allegedly began attacking the caller’s city.

READ: Michigan Officials Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter For Flint Water Crisis

“You from Flint? That’s why y’all ain’t even got clean water,” Harvey said. “When was the last time you touched water and it didn’t have lead in it?”

After his co-hosts told him to “reel it in” Harvey attempted to double down on his remarks. “I wasn’t talking about the city of Flint, I was talking about him,” Harvey said. “He going to call in, say Cleveland don’t deserve jack, and h..

FCC Loses Battle To Limit High Charges Of Prison Phone Calls

FCC Loses Battle To Limit High Charges Of Prison Phone Calls

Photo by Angel Franco for the New York Times

The Federal Communications Commission has no say in regulating the costs of prison phone calls, a federal court ruled Wednesday.
In a 2-1 ruling, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit said that the FCC had overstepped its authority, ruling that the agency did not have the right to create rate caps for prison phone calls.

READ: Black Man To Spend 10 Years In Jail Despite Being Found Not Guilty

As the New York Times reports:

The FCC rules were challenged by telecom firms that argued against the FCC’s economic calculations for price caps and told the court that the agency did not have the authority to regulate the in-state prison phone rates.

READ: Innocent Philadelphia Man Freed After Spending 24 Years In Prison

The cost of calls from prison can reach as high as $10 a minute, with the calls typically placed through private telecommunications firms. Initially, the FCC had been preparing a legal defense of..

Hear RBMA’s ‘Various Assets’ Compilation feat. Thundercat, Just Blaze and More

Hear RBMA’s ‘Various Assets’ Compilation feat. Thundercat, Just Blaze and More

Source: Vickey Ford (Sneakshot) for Okayplayer

The 49-track album gathers seasoned and buzzing eccentrics from RBMA’s 2016 class in Montreal
Fresh off their annual NYC installation, RBMA (Red Bull Music Academy) is headed to Berlin in 2018. And in celebration of their next phase, the incubative institution has released a new edition of their Various Assets compilation, entirely recorded in their Montreal studio in 2016.

READ: 9 Things We Learned From Kaytranada’s Red Bull Music Academy Lecture

The expansive set wrangles 69 musicians (though the absence of Kaytranada and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis is worth noting, as they were amongst the marquee names on the program) for a genre-defying epic that proves their curatorial purpose beyond a reasonable doubt.

WATCH: Teddy Riley’s Full Red Bull Music Academy Lecture

Various Assets features new compositions that feature bountiful contributions from Thundercat, as well as Just Blaze, Deradoorian, Mike Banks, Dorian Concept, Lucrecia Dalt, Ma..

Black California High School Students Targeted In ‘Kill List’

Black California High School Students Targeted In ‘Kill List’

Screenshot via ABC7

A “kill list” specifically targeting black students at Monta Vista High School was discovered last fall. Now, African-American leaders are calling out the school’s administration and the local sheriff’s office for failing to take action.
In a report from Mercury News, the list first appeared on social media in September. Administrators reportedly failed to disclose the list to the students or to law enforcement, which is why both administrators and the local sheriff’s office are being charged.

“You’re talking about killing people in school. Killing people—you understand,” Walter Wilson, from the African-American Community Service Agency, said, according to ABC7.

READ: Louisiana High School Students Confront White Teacher Using N-Word

“They created a kill list, and on the list were the names of six or seven African-American students in the school,” attorney Richard Richardson added. Richardson, who represents one of the students who left the school following the ..

The Beyonce and Jay Z Mash-Up Album You’ve Always Wanted is Here

The Beyonce and Jay Z Mash-Up Album You’ve Always Wanted is Here

The Carters’ respective chart-toppers reach a singular point
As the world awaits the arrival of the twins, expecting superstar parents, Jay Z and Beyonce, have been keeping things predictably low-key, with some speculating that Mrs. Carter’s already delivered.

READ: Turns out ‘4:44’ Was Not a New Jay Z Album, But a Tidal Exclusive Movie

Today, in the never-dying spirit of the mash-up, amorphous, a prolific stream-crosser that makes easy work of classic and contemporary r&b, has brought Mr. and Mrs. Carter’s together like never before on his new aptly-titled project, Bey Z. With two of hip-hop and r&b’s meatiest catalogs on hand, the Orlando producer simmers “Partition” over The-Neptunes-produced “Frontin,” softens “Hard Knock Life” with some “XO,” masterfully assembling blend after brilliant blend. An act of such precisions and aptitude you’ll wonder how it took this long for someone to do it this well.

HEAR: Part II of Seanh’s Beloved SADEVILLAIN

Hear amorphous’ Bey Z mash-up proj..

The Grammys Add a Rap Committee in Efforts to Be More Accurate

Nat’l Best Friend Day @patthemanager @realcottontale

A post shared by Chance The Rapper (@chancetherapper) on Jun 8, 2017 at 8:32pm PDT

Back in 2006, when Jay Z was beefing with Jim Jones, the legendary Brooklyn rapper famously said “we need a hip-hop board.”

More than 10 years later, we have our hip-hop board…sort of. Yesterday, the Grammys announced sweeping changes to their voting process in the hope to combat criticism that the organization is out of touch.

WATCH: A Stunned Chance The Rapper Accept His First Grammy Award

The one that is most interesting is the addition of review committees for the rap categories. (There will also be committees for Contemporary Instrumental and New Age Fields.) The Grammys say that these committees will serve “as an additional round of checks and balances to eliminate the potential for a popularity bias that puts emerging artists, independent music, and late-year releases at a disadvantage.”

READ: Solange Criticizes Grammys After Beyoncé Snub..

Benny Boom Discusses John Singleton’s Criticisms of ‘All Eyez on Me’

Benny Boom Discusses John Singleton’s Criticisms of ‘All Eyez on Me’

Photo of Benny Boom courtesy of Youtube.

It’s been a long process, but Tupac’s biopic, All Eyez on Me, hits the theaters this Friday.

The movie was directed by Benny Boom, a music video legend. However, if you’ve been following the evolution of this movie, you’ll know that Benny Boom wasn’t the original director.

READ: Cop Your Tickets For ‘All Eyez On Me’ Now Before It’s Too Late

Back in 2014, John Singleton was signed on to direct the movie. However by 2015, Singleton was out, claiming that those involved were not being “respectful” of Tupac’s legacy. Singleton has not gone away quietly, criticizing the movie, saying things like “I know they f*cked it up.”

Benny Boom has spent the last couple of weeks doing press runs for the movie. Singleton’s criticisms of the film have been one of the main points of conversation. It was something that was brought up when Benny appeared on Ebro in the Morning on Hot 97.

When asked about Singleton’s views that Tupac’s legacy wasn’t being re..

Flying Lotus Will Have a 3D Live Show at FYF Fest

My new 3D show debuts at FYF! Glasses come with every ticket. See u there.

A post shared by flyinglotus (@flyinglotus) on Jun 14, 2017 at 4:08pm PDT

What does Flying Lotus have up his sleeve?

Earlier today, the experimental producer put the picture you see above on his Instagram: a photo of a pair of 3D glasses. With that post, FlyLo announced his next experiment; he will be doing a 3D live show at FYF Fest next month.

WATCH: David Firth’s Twisted New Short Film ‘Cream,’ Starring FlyLo

Pitchfork reached out to Flying Lotus’ people for more details. His representatives said that guests would wear the glasses to “experience the unknown.”

Sounds cool to us.

HEAR: Flying Lotus Keeps The Loosies Coming, Shares Four New Tracks

Flying Lotus will be performing at FYF Festival on Friday, July 21. That’s the same day that he will also release his psychedelic movie Kuso on streaming services.

H/T: Pitchfork

The post Flying Lotus Will Have a 3D Live Show at FYF Fest appeared first on Ok..

The Questions: Questlove on The Roots’ Bucket-Drumming Beginnings

The Questions: Questlove on The Roots’ Bucket-Drumming Beginnings

Questlove on how a Spike Lee commercial inspired The Roots’ early busking days
Last month, Questlove joined a New Orleans busker in an impromptu curbside performance that found The Roots drummer in rare, but familiar territory. In today’s installment of a special five-part stretch of The Questions, Questo reveals how a case of mistaken identity finally brought The Roots out of the ground and into the industry garden by way of buckets, pans, and a Levi’s commercial.

WATCH: The Questions: Questlove on Roots Picnic Prep and Finding The Perfect DJ

Speaking on the 25th anniversary (to the day) of the formation of The IllaFifth Dynasty, Questlove shares the full sequence to the historic South Street performances; catching a train back from NYC with Black Thought after a Julliard audition, running into the woman that inquired as to whether he was “Chocolate,” the bucket-drummer from a Spike Lee-directed ad-spot, the pull to grab their own kitchen utensils and follow suit after seeing that v..

Issa Rae Drops ‘Insecure’ Season Two Teaser

Issa Rae Drops ‘Insecure’ Season Two Teaser

Screenshot via YouTube

Issa Rae‘s Insecure is returning on July 23.
The second season of Issa Rae‘s critically-acclaimed TV series Insecure will be making its highly-anticipated return this summer, with Rae released a teaser trailer for the forthcoming season on her Twitter. The teaser includes the names of three episodes a part of the season: “Hella Confused,” “Hella Tempted,” and “Hella Lit.” Soundtracked by Calvin Harris’ “Slide,” we see Rae stopped in her car only for the video to show her in three different scenarios: on a couch with Lawrence; standing alongside Daniel; and hanging out with her friends.

READ: Issa Rae Lands First Post-‘Insecure’ Role In Edgy Comedy ‘Empress of Serenity’

The first season ended with the dissolution of Issa Dee’s (Rae) long-term relationship with Lawrence, with the latter having removed all of his belongings out of their apartment. However, Issa does mend her friendship with Molly, allowing for the show to have one heartfelt moment shared between ..

Buddy and Kaytranada Uncover a “World of Wonders” in New Video

Buddy and Kaytranada Uncover a “World of Wonders” in New Video

Source: Vevo

The Ocean & Montana collaborators get on the good foot in their new video
You can always count on Kaytranada to come through with the eternal summer visuals. Today he stars in a delightful clip for “World of Wonder,” a selection from his collaborative album with Compton’s Buddy. Taking a page out of the “LITE SPOTS” book, the video documents the duo’s joyride through the neighborhood, only this time Buddy’s the sentient robot with the mean step sharing the floor with the hit-making producer.

HEAR: Stream Buddy and Kaytranada’s Collaborative Ocean & Montana EP

Watch Buddy and Kaytranada uncover a “World of Wonders” in their new video below. Scroll on for Kaytra’s full slate of summer tour dates and hit the link to cop their Ocean & Montana EP on iTunes today.


Kaytranada Tour Dates:
Jun 24 @ NXNE – Toronto, Canada
Jul 08 @ PARC FLORAL DE PARIS – Paris, France
Jul 12 @ Montreux Jazz Festival – Montreux, Switzerland
Jul 13 @ Festivalpark Dour – Dour, Belgium
Jul 1..

Michigan Officials Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter For Flint Water Crisis

Michigan Officials Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter For Flint Water Crisis

Photo by Jake May for The Flint via AP

The head of Michigan’s health department has been charged with involuntary manslaughter in the ongoing Flint water crisis.
In a report from the Washington Post, Nick Lyon, the director of the state’s health department, along with four other public officials, were charged with involuntary manslaughter for their role in the Flint water crisis by the state’s attorney general’s office on Wednesday. Lyon also faces one count of misconduct in office, with both charges being felonies.

READ: Black-Owned Business To Help Replace 18,000 Contaminated Water Pipes In Flint

The other four public officials charged with involuntary manslaughter include: Stephen Busch, a water supervisor for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality; Darnell Earley, who had been a state-appointed emergency manager for Flint; Howard Croft, former director of the city’s public works department; and Liane Shekter-Smith, who served as chief of the state’s O..

Action Bronson Signals ‘Blue Chip’ Season with New Single “Let Me Breathe”

Action Bronson Signals ‘Blue Chip’ Season with New Single “Let Me Breathe”

Source: Scott Heins for Okayplayer

The Queens rapper delivers a playful new cut from his long-delayed Blue Chips 7000 project
Action Bronson hasn’t exactly been in peak rapping form for a minute. His various VICELAND pursuits have made him a small screen star, but he’s yet to deliver a follow-up to his 2015 debut album, Mr. Wonderful.

READ: Action Bronson Will Play Matchmaker on VICE’s New Snapchat Show

The long-rumored and delayed Blue Chips 7000 has been on the horizon, but today Bronson to delivers the first signal of its actual arrival, premiering the new Harry Fraud-produced single “Let Me Breathe” on Zane Lowe‘s Beats 1 program. It marks Bronson’s first release since “Durag vs. Headband,” a track produced by Knxwledge, who was prominently featured on the Ancient Aliens series, along with Alchemist and the best hype man in the game, Big Body Bes. No details on the album have been revealed just yet, but with some of hip-hop’s best beatsmiths lining his inner circle, Bronson’s ne..

Tracy K. Smith Has Been Named the United States’ Poet Laureate

Tracy K. Smith Has Been Named the United States’ Poet Laureate

Photo of Tracy K. Smith courtesy of Library of Congress.

The Library of Congress has named Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Tracy K. Smith the United States Poet Laureate.

Smith, who is only 45, is America’s 22nd Poet Laureate. She will be following Juan Felipe Herrera, who held the position for two years.

New Book Service Delivers Books By Black Authors To Your Door

In a press release, Smith says:

“I am profoundly honored…As someone who has been sustained by poems and poets, I understand the powerful and necessary role poetry can play in sustaining a rich inner life and fostering a mindful, empathic and resourceful culture. I am eager to share the good news of poetry with readers and future readers across this marvelously diverse country.”

Carla Hayden is the Librarian of Congress, and she put out a statement explaining her decision:

“It gives me great pleasure to appoint Tracy K. Smith, a poet of searching…Her work travels the world and takes on its voices; brings history and me..

Van Jones & Roc Nation Collaborate for the Nationwide ‘We Rise’ Tour

We Rise Tour powered by #LoveArmy is coming! Use “LOVEARMY” to be the first to get tickets on @Facebook. (Link in bio)

A post shared by Van Jones (@vanjones68) on Jun 13, 2017 at 1:12pm PDT

We are all used to seeing Van Jones on CNN, as an important voice for the resistance. Now you’ll soon have the opportunity to see Jones up close.

Ava DuVernay, Van Jones Discuss ’13th’ Film, Donald Trump

Van Jones, in partnership with Roc Nation, is going on a nationwide event tour. On this tour, Jones will feature a collection of artists, athletes, thought leaders, and local leaders. During these tour stops, Jones will also be collaborating with those doing frontline work; Jones will visit local community centers, schools, and organizations to engage with those doing ground level social change work.

The best part about it is that 100 percent of proceeds from the tour — which will be promoted by Live Nation — will go to the Dream Corps initiative and other local charities.

Here are the tour d..

‘Lynching In America’ Confronts Country’s Violent, Racist Past

‘Lynching In America’ Confronts Country’s Violent, Racist Past

Screenshot courtesy of Equal Justice Initiative

“Truth telling and reconciliation.”
This is how Bryan Stevenson, founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI), has described his latest project Lynching in America, which was formed from a report published by the EJI called Lynching in America: Confronting the Legacy of Racial Terror. Prior to the platform going live on Tuesday, Stevenson and Justin Steele, Principal of, spoke about the project and offered a preview of its features at Google NYC.

“I don’t think slavery ended in 1865 — I think it evolved,” Stevenson said. “It turned into decades of terrorism, and this era of terror and violence is an era that we haven’t talked very much about — we go through the civil war through the civil rights movement without any acknowledgment of all of the damage that was done through this 100 year time period.”

READ: Boston Law School Leads Project On Cold Cases Of Lynching

Lynching in America attempts to fill ..

Celebrate 35 Years of Hip-Hop Cinema with J. PERIOD’s ‘Made You Look’ Playlist [Exclusive]

Celebrate 35 Years of Hip-Hop Cinema with J. PERIOD’s ‘Made You Look’ Playlist [Exclusive]

Photo Credit: J. Period by Shayan Asgharnia for Okayplayer.

43 cuts spanning 35 years of iconic hip-hop films, curated by one of the greats.
Tonight, The Academy will host a special screening of The Hughes Brothers‘ Menace II Society at NYC’s SVA Theater as part of their ongoing Made You Look film series with The Hip-Hop Education Center, curated by Martha Diaz.

HEAR: J. Period Celebrates Southernplayalistic Anniversary with OutKast: ReFixed

Naturally, HHEC tapped into one of hip-hop’s greatest tributary selectors, J. Period, to handle the accompanying score for the series, which has already screened the seminal classic, Wild Style, with 8 Mile and 2014’s Nas: Time Is Illmatic still on the docket for the remaining Tuesdays of June. The (at least) honorary (if not already staple) Roots member dives down soundtrack after classic soundtrack, charting four decades of big screen and boombox dominance with hand-picked selections from the OSTs that defined eras as much as the films from wh..

The Golden State Warriors Are Undecided On Visit To Trump’s White House

The Golden State Warriors Are Undecided On Visit To Trump’s White House

Photo Credit: Ronald Martinez for Getty Images.

After defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers for the championship is Donald Trump next on their deny list?
Last night, the Golden State Warriors defeated LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in five games on their home court in the Bay Area. As is customary for any championship winning team, a visit to be congratulated by the President of the United States is next up for the Splash Brothers, Kevin Durant and co. But what we don’t know—and what there is high speculation brewing around—is if the Warriors will actually make the traditional visit to the White House.

According to ESPN’s The Undefeated, while the team is all about “celebrating our championship,” the Dubs “will make those decisions when and if necessary.” The last time the Warriors, sans Kevin Durant, went to our nation’s capital, it was when former President Barack Obama was in office. The visit featured a few moments of brevity and lightheartedness that showed how good of a s..

NYPD To Pay $75 Million For Issuing Illegal Summonses To Meet Quotas

NYPD To Pay $75 Million For Issuing Illegal Summonses To Meet Quotas

Photo by Theodore Parisienne for AM New York

A New York federal judge finalized a $75 million settlement the city agreed to pay in a lawsuit claiming that the NYPD issued 900,000 invalid summonses to fill quotas.
The settlement was reached on Monday by Manhattan Federal Judge Robert Sweet, who reportedly referred to the payout as “the second-largest in NYC history.” “The non-monetary benefits could be, in the Court’s view, ‘a game changer’ for NYC communities. This civil rights class action is the paradigm of change and progress achievable in a society undergirded by the rule of law,” Sweet added. Filed in 2010, the suit focused on “c summonses” officers wrote for minor offenses such as disorderly conduct and drinking in public.

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The payout, which includes $18.5 million for attorneys’ fees, will allow for New Yorkers to collect payments of up to $150 for each summons. The agreement covers nearly one million summonses issued from ..

Iman Omari and Anna Wise “Move Too Fast” On New Single [Premiere]

Iman Omari and Anna Wise “Move Too Fast” On New Single [Premiere]

Source: Visual Thought for Fresh Selects

Connecting with Anna Wise, Iman Omari lets loose his first single from his IHY LP.
Fresh from being cooped up in the studio making beat tapes (including the wonderfully delicious effort, High-Loops & Higher-Loops) — Iman Omari is back with the first single from his much anticipated new album.

Titled “Move Too Fast,” the song was produced by J LBS (Isaiah Rashad, SiR), and features To Pimp a Butterfly singer-songwriter, Anna Wise, connecting with Iman to deliver some good grooves for your head top.

Okayplayer is happy to premiere this cut to keep you cool during the heatwave, as his new LP, IHY, is out this summer via Fresh Selects and Iman’s own Vibe Music Collective imprint.

Peep the wavy sounds underneath or head over to Soundcloud to check out.

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Jury Enters Second Day Of Deliberations In Cosby Sexual Assault Case

Jury Enters Second Day Of Deliberations In Cosby Sexual Assault Case

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

After being unable to reach a verdict on Monday, jurors are back and deliberating on charges against Bill Cosby for sexual assault.
Deliberations for Cosby’s trial reportedly began on Monday at the Montgomery County Courthouse outside of Philadelphia following closing statements from District Attorney Kevin Steele and defense attorney Brian McMonagle. McMonagle argued that the prosecution’s key witness, Andrea Constand, had too many inconsistencies in her story to be a reliable witness, while Steele said that the inconsistencies were minor and little more than a distraction, with Cosby using his status as a respected public figure to gain Constand’s trust and then drug her and take advantage of her.

READ: Bill Cosby Wants To Revive Comedy Career After Sexual Assault Trial

Cosby did not testify on his own behalf but jurors did hear his side of the story when police detectives read aloud his statements to police in 2005 and in his civil deposition in 200..

Nathaniel Rateliff, Charles Berry Jr & III & The Roots Honor Chuck Berry

Nathaniel Rateliff, Charles Berry Jr & III & The Roots Honor Chuck Berry

Photo courtesy of NBC.

Last Friday, Chuck Berry’s final album — and first in more than 35 years — was released.

The album, simply called CHUCK, was released just three months after the legendary rocker passed.

Fans Pay Their Final Respects To Chuck Berry Near St. Louis

Last night, on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Nathaniel Rateliff, Chuck Berry’s son and grandson, Charles Berry Jr and III, and The Roots paid homage to the legendary rocker. They performed a rousing rendition of “Big Boys,” one of the standout tracks on CHUCK.

What makes this performance really cool is that Nathaniel and the two Charles are all musicians who have recently collaborated with the legendary rock star; all three appear in some form or another on CHUCK. (And everyone knows how much Questlove admires Berry.)

It was a performance full of energy and love. Watch it below.

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Calvin Harris Previews His Star-Studded ‘Funk Way Bounces Vol. 1’ LP

Calvin Harris Previews His Star-Studded ‘Funk Way Bounces Vol. 1’ LP

Photo courtesy of Twitter.

Over the last two months, Calvin Harris has dropped three new songs.

All three have been heaters. There was the Frank Ocean and Migos–featured “Slide; “Heatstroke,” with Young Thug, Ariana Grande, and Pharrell; and then “Rollin” which stars Future and Khalid. Now we know those songs aren’t aberrations.

This Soulful House Remix of Calvin Harris and Frank Ocean’s “Slide” is Your New Summer Score [Premiere]

Yesterday, Calvin Harris tweeted out a preorder link for his album. With that link, was a video that previewed the whole album.

The video is insanely clever: we see a parrot letting snippets from the album rock by dropping a turntable needle on a vinyl record.


— Calvin Harris (@CalvinHarris) June 12, 2017

The tracklisting for Funk Way Bounces Vol. 1 still hasn’t been released, but from the video we can see that the new album will feature Snoop Dogg, ScHoolboy Q, John Legend, PA..

Ta-Nehisi Coates Announces That He Has a New Book on the Way

Ta-Nehisi Coates Announces That He Has a New Book on the Way

Photo of Ta-Nehisi Coates courtesy of YouTube.

At the top of the year, prominent writer Ta-Nehisi Coates went to Twitter and announced that he was going away to work on a book; he said he would be back in 2018.

Ok. So I’m gonna take the year to try my hand at this fancy book writin’ stuff. See y’all in ’18. Take us out, Queen…

— Ta-Nehisi Coates (@tanehisicoates) January 2, 2017

And, with the exception of the time when he cleared up a minor misunderstanding, he’s kept his word and stayed away from social media.

Watch Ta-Nehisi Coates In Conversation w/ Nikole Hannah-Jones At Harlem’s Schomburg Center [Full Video]

Until this evening. Coates went to Twitter to announce his new book, We Were Eight Years in Power: An American Tragedy. The Atlantic editor tweeted out a picture of the book, with the message “I got so many theories and suspicions…” That is a lyric from Kendrick Lamar’s “YAH.” song.

“I got so many theories and suspicions…”

O’Shea Jackson Jr. Will Throw His Own LSD-Laced No-Hitter as Dock Ellis in a New Biopic

O’Shea Jackson Jr. Will Throw His Own LSD-Laced No-Hitter as Dock Ellis in a New Biopic

The Straight Outta Compton star lands another leading role
If you didn’t know him as anything other than Ice Cube‘s kid before, you should be ready to know and embrace O’Shea Jackson Jr. as something much more than an iconic rapper’s son.

WATCH: Ice Cube & Son, O’Shea Jackson Jr. Go Back & Forth On ‘Straight Outta Compton,’ Life & More

Recently, Junior, who bears an uncanny resemblance to his father and portrayed him in the critically-adored NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton, has been seen in the indie comedy Ingrid Goes West, alongside Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olson, and is slated to be featured in the upcoming Godzilla sequel. But it appears the roles keep coming in, as Deadline reports Jackson Jr. has been cast as Doc Ellis, in a forthcoming biopic on the legendary MLB pitcher who was notorious for pitching a perfect game on LSD (47 years ago today) and claims to have never played a sober game, despite wracking up World Series wins for both the Pirates and Yankees.

Currently ti..

Washed Out Announces New Visual Album ‘Mister Mellow’

Washed Out Announces New Visual Album ‘Mister Mellow’

The reclusive experimentalist is set to return with his first album in four years.
All eyes are on Ernest Green, better known to most as Washed Out, as the producer has officially announced his follow-up to 2013’s Paracosm.

HEAR: Washed Out Returns with as irresistible House Cut via Stones Throw

Only weeks ago, Green released the house-heavy new single “Get Lost” via Stones Throw, and today he unveils a full visual album, Mister Mellow, is set to arrive June 30th on the legendary west coast label. He’s also shared the trailer for the album, previewing new music ahead of the release.

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Watch a tripped-out trailer for Mister Mellow below and hit the link to pre-order your copy via Stones Throw. Scroll on to peep his full slate of forthcoming summer tour dates.


Tour Dates:
July 8: Norfolk @ The Norva Tickets
July 9: Carrboro @ Cat’s Cradle Tickets
July 10: Charlotte @ The Underground Tickets
July 11: Charleston @ Music Far..

Aretha Franklin Honored With Street Naming In Detroit

Aretha Franklin Honored With Street Naming In Detroit

Photo by David Guralnick for The Detroit News

Aretha Franklin now has her very own street in her hometown of Detroit.
On Thursday, the Queen of Soul was honored with her very own street named “Aretha Franklin Way.” The area is at the heart of a performing arts district in Detroit.

“It’s a dream come true,” Franklin, now 75 years-old, said during the ceremony. “What a magnanimous honor to bestow after coming up in the streets of Detroit.” Along with the street sign unveil Franklin headlined the inaugural Detroit Music Weekend festival, performing a free hour-and-50-minute show to 14,000 people, and received a key to the city from Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan.

In an interview with Billboard, Franklin said that the performance may be her last in her hometown.

“I hope not, but it’s possible,” Franklin said. “It’s still moving in that direction. It’s winding down. There’s a warranty on everything. Fifty-four years of traveling and flying…can be very tiring. I’m not happy, exactly, about do..

Hear Part II of Seanh’s Beloved ‘SADEVILLAIN’ Mash-Up Project

Hear Part II of Seanh’s Beloved ‘SADEVILLAIN’ Mash-Up Project

Ol’ Metal Fingers and the iconic British soul singer are joined once more
A little over a year ago, a teenage British producer unleashed the mutant music melt SADEVILLAIN, forged of Sade and MF DOOM‘s seemingly unfitting tones. As it turned out, SADEVILLIAN was a cut above just about any mash-up we’d heard as of late, but the yearning for more cross-stream cuts remained (sure sign of success in our book.)

HEAR: MF DOOM & Sade Are Joined In Unholy Union On The SADEVILLAIN Mash-Up

Today, Seanh delivers the sequel. Tapping vocals from fellow luminaries Madlib, Mos Def and Ghostface Killah, the new installation is brimming with vintage wordplay and face-screwing moments; DOOM & Co.’s dastardly flows lining the soft curves of Sade’s most soothing suites.

HEAR: Nasimoto is The Nas and Madlib Mash-Up Project You’ve Always Wanted In Your Life

You can hear Seanh’s latest installment of what we’re hoping is a neverending series below along with the full tracklist. Hold tight for the next epi..

New Music: Maségo Delivers A Tasty Jam On The Cut “Navajo”

New Music: Maségo Delivers A Tasty Jam On The Cut “Navajo”

Photo Credit: Marquis Thibodeaux for Blue Note.

The talented producer-performer celebrated his 24th birthday with this delicious loosie.
Marking Maségo‘s first offering of the year, “Navajo” follows his 2016 debut project, Loose Thoughts, and arrives just on time. The track came as a gift to fans on his birthday as the genius musical prodigy turns into the ripe old age of 24.

A funky, sampled-filled cut, which was produced by JLL, “Navajo” finds Maségo talking about a woman who used to be close to his heart but has since moved on “to another tribe”. What sounds like another evolution of Uncle Ségo’s #TrapHouseJazz genre—”Navajo” blends the best elements that make for a great song: dope beat, catchy hook and bouncy lyrics.

It has already been quite a busy year for the young lord, as he was a standout feature on SiR‘s “Ooh Nah Nah” and CHON‘s “Nayhoo,” which also features Lophiile. Add to the mix that this First Look Friday alum has been steady cooking up heat in the lab, and 2017 is ..

Remy Ma Shoots First (Again) at Summer Jam, But the Game is No Better For It

Remy Ma Shoots First (Again) at Summer Jam, But the Game is No Better For It

@remyma after her performance! Time to unwind. #AppleMusic Artist Lounge at #SummerJam #ad

A post shared by HOT 97 (@hot97) on Jun 12, 2017 at 7:09am PDT

I want the record to show that I’ve always hated the melodrama of rap beef.
I get it. A reputation is invaluable in the game that demands a throne. And lives were once actually on the line. But rap beef doesn’t age as well as the bovine sort and their impact on the ecology of the respective systems served is too severe to understate. At 29 years young, I’ve seen some good bouts, mostly revolving around the increasingly poor decisions of 50 Cent throughout the bell of his career. But pre-internet heads were much kinder to the Queens MC than the Twittersphere would have been presented with the same sequence 10 years down the line. The only current presence in hip-hop with as many tiffs as Fitty under their belt is yet another puffy-in-all-the-right-places NYC titan with overinflated stock.

HEAR: Remy Ma Offers A Seven-Minute Diss Ses..

Rikers Guard Admits To Raping Female Inmate, Doesn’t Get Jail Time

Rikers Guard Admits To Raping Female Inmate, Doesn’t Get Jail Time

Jose Cosme (left). Photo by Howard Simmons for New York Daily News

A former Rikers Island guard recently admitted to sexually assaulting a female inmate but will not serve any jail time.
Jose Cosme pleaded guilty Thursday to sexually assaulting Jacqueline Healy when the former was still a correction officer at Rikers Island. The assault occurred back on November 30, 2015, when Cosme ambushed Healy, an inmate at Rikers, inside a closet hidden from cameras.

READ: Rikers Island To Close In The Next 10 Years

In a report from the New York Daily News, Healy said she was worried correction officials would not take her allegation seriously, so she mailed pieces of her soiled shirt with Cosme’s DNA on it to a friend and to a relative.

Cosme, a nine-year Correction Department veteran, admitted he engaged in oral sex with Healy in court. Cosme was initially facing up to 50 years behind bars based on the initial rape charges filed last summer but after agreeing to a plea deal Cosme will instea..

Breaking Down Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ Teaser Trailer Frame-By-Frame

Breaking Down Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ Teaser Trailer Frame-By-Frame

Photo courtesy of YouTube.

The wait is over, y’all. Let the #BlackPantherSoLit-mania begin!
Hype for Ryan Coogler‘s Black Panther movie for Marvel has reached a feverish pitch as they finally let a loosie go in the form of a teaser trailer. If you’ve been hiding under a rock (or just out of the loop) you should know before going any further that Black Panther is as intense, as phenomenal, as intriguing as you were hoping it would be.

For the film’s leading man, Chadwick Boseman, the chameleon-esque actor reprises his role as the king of the notoriously isolationist nation of Wakanda. The events that transpire take place after Captain America: Civil War, as a powerful old enemy reappears (Andy Serkis as Ulysses Klaue) and draws the royal monarch into a conflict that puts Wakanda and the entire world at risk.

Considered to be a Game of Thrones-esque vibe, Black Panther finds the young king rallying his allies, assembling the formidable Dora Milajé and unleashing the full power of Blac..

Nike Stays True To Form With ‘Objects of Desire’ Exhibition [Recap]

Nike Stays True To Form With ‘Objects of Desire’ Exhibition [Recap]

Photo courtesy of High Snobiety.

Nike just laid out all of their cool receipts
Since 1964, Nike has influenced what it means to “win at life.” From helping us to champion the monotony of everyday life to crossing the finish line of a 100-meter dash, Nike is like an emblem of resiliency. The brand has a way of making one feel like a superhuman, which is probably why we’re so loyal to it. Whether you’re a self-proclaimed athlete or street style aficionado, Nike has invested in making sure it remains relevant in whatever (weird) subculture you choose to identify with through investment in creative collaborations.

This year marks 20 years of Nike’s dedication to making sure diversity is celebrated through their advertisement campaigns. Nike recently laid out years of their work during the “Objects of Desire” exhibition housed at the hype-beast headquarters, 45 Grand. The brand reached out to Dorian Grinspan, the 21-year-old founder of Out of Order, a high-end fashion, art, and culture pu..

Dave Chappelle & Childish Gambino Teaming Up For Radio City Concert

Dave Chappelle & Childish Gambino Teaming Up For Radio City Concert

Photo by Lester Cohen for Netflix

Dave Chappelle and Childish Gambino are teaming up for a show in New York City in August.
Titled “Dave Chappelle & Childish Gambino: Live From Radio City,” the event will take place on Saturday, August 19. If you happen to be a Chase Preferred Cardmember you will have the opportunity to purchase presale tickets on Tuesday, June 13. Public on sale will open on Friday, June 16. A Facebook events page for the concert has been made and offers general information about the forthcoming performance.

Not much else is known about the event but it is sure to be a welcome surprise from both fans of Chappelle and Gambino alike. Turns out this is only one of nine shows Chappelle will be putting on at Radio City Music Hall in August. Along with Gambino, Chappelle will be joined by The Roots, Erykah Badu, Chris Rock, Ali Wong and a “very special guest” for the shows, with the first one happening on August 1 with The Roots. More information about those dates can be ..

Mixtape Monday: DJ Premier, DJ Manipulator x Louie Gonz, D.R.U.G.S. Beats + More

Mixtape Monday: DJ Premier, DJ Manipulator x Louie Gonz, D.R.U.G.S. Beats + More

Just days removed from Global Hip-Hop Day, this week’s episode of Mixtape Monday is a nod to the culture with archival sets, instrumental projects, tribute mixes, gritty underground tapes and more from a handful of selectors and producers.

Classic radio sets from DJ Eclipse and DJ Premier circa Stretch and Bob‘s Boogie & The Barber get cozy with a Kanye West 40th birthday tribute from DJ Stylus. DJ Manipulator and Louie Gonz give us The Loops, while Jett I Mastyr takes the true heads to church with Early Service.

UK outfit The Good Vibe, Warsaw’s Digital Meditation and Grand Groove Radio counter the boom bap with soulful sets to close things out.

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Watch De La Soul & Little Dragon’s Powerful “Drawn” Video

Watch De La Soul & Little Dragon’s Powerful “Drawn” Video

Photo courtesy of YouTube.

De La Soul has never been a group to shy away from tough topics.

Some of their more iconic songs, like “Say No Go,” “Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa,” and last year’s “Greyhounds,” touch on subjects like drug addiction, sexual abuse, and drug trafficking.

De La Soul Reveal The Secret History Of ‘Stakes Is High’ On Its 20th Anniversary

So it’s not surprising to see the group release a video like “Dawn. ” The video, which was directed by J Anders Urmacher, is beautiful: in it, we follow an aspiring artist who gradually starts to break down, until tragedy hits; the young artist commits suicide.

The song, which was on De La Soul’s last album and the Anonymous Nobody…, is dominated byYukimi Nagano, the lead vocalist of Little Dragon, who sings for more than four minutes. Only in the last two minutes do we see the great Posdnuos, who raps his verse from an auditorium seat, watching everything unfold.

Watch the powerful video below.

The post Watch De La Soul ..

Kendrick Lamar & Rihanna Are Currently Shooting the “LOYALTY.” Video

Kendrick Lamar & Rihanna Are Currently Shooting the “LOYALTY.” Video

Photo courtesy of YouTube / Vevo.

One of coolest things about Kendrick Lamar, is how he keeps things low, especially his music videos.

Take “HUMBLE.” and “DNA.” the last two music video he’s released, as an example. When it was time for him to drop them, he just shot out the link on Twitter. There was no leaks and definitely no “Making the Video” type of footage.

Kendrick Lamar Extends The ‘DAMN.’ Tour with YG and D.R.A.M.

Well it looks like that streak has been broken.

Yesterday, footage of what looks to be the “LOYALTY.” video leaked to the Internet. In the video, you see Kendrick blindfolded, sitting on a chair in a blood red room. He’s begin seduced by a woman who looks like Rihanna, but we’re not quite sure.

#INFO: Le clip #LOYALTY (Kendrick Lamar feat. Rihanna) a été filmé hier.

— RIHANNA NOW (@RihannaNowFR) June 10, 2017

If it stands, “LOYALTY.” will be the third song from DAMN. to get the music video treatment.
Even though it will be interest..

Watch Chance the Rapper Cover Outkast’s “Hey Ya!” at Bonnaroo

Watch Chance the Rapper Cover Outkast’s “Hey Ya!” at Bonnaroo

A post shared by bonnaroo (@bonnaroo) on Jun 10, 2017 at 8:25pm PDT

At the very last minute, Chance the Rapper was added to Bonnaroo’s festival lineup.

This was exciting news, but not very unexpected: over the last couple of years Chance the Rapper has embraced the Bonnaroo Festival in Manchester, Tennessee fully.

So much so, some people have labeled him the “King of Bonnaroo.”

Chance the Rapper Says He’ll Never Run for Public Office

Last night the rapper headlined day two of the festival. Judging from social media reaction, the highlight of the performance was when the rapper covered two of the most iconic rap songs of all time: Outkast’s “Hey Ya!” and Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s “Nuthin’ But a ‘G’ Thang.”

Check out the footage below:

Very important: Chance the rapper just covered Hey Ya by outkast

— Action Jackson (@yungbasedshark) June 11, 2017

Chance did a cover of nothing but a g thang and hey ya at the bonnaroo super jam

The Official Hip-Hop Museum Will Be Coming to Harlem in 2018

The Official Hip-Hop Museum Will Be Coming to Harlem in 2018

Photo courtesy of Newsweek.

Hip-hop started out in the park. In a park in the Bronx to be exact.

However, by 2018, Harlem could be the place where hip-hop officially lives. There are plans to build a massive 20 story museum in the heart of Harlem. The nonprofit running point on this project announced earlier this week that they have won a bid to a building development site in Harlem. The exact address of the location is unknown, but the museum will be on 125th street.

Firm That Designed African American Museum Hired For Obama Museum

Twenty stories tells you how massive this thing is going to be. There are two main phases to this project: phase one will be complete by 2018. That phase will include a ground floor café, gallery, visitors bureau, and gift store and then a museum on the second floor, which will include an event space and a multi-media studio for film and television.

The second phase is when things get ambitious: that phase will include a museum, hotel, a mall, arcade, ..

Frank Ocean Performed For the First Time in 3 Years at Northside Festival

Frank Ocean Performed For the First Time in 3 Years at Northside Festival

Over the last two months, reclusive singer Frank Ocean has canceled three performance opportunities at the last minute.

Each time, the singer released a statement saying it was due to “production delays.”These developments had fans wondering: would the singer, who doesn’t perform often, even hit the stage this year?

Frank Ocean, A Tribe Called Quest and Solange Will Headline 2017 Panorama Festival

Yesterday, Frank Ocean answered this question. He performed at the Northside Festival in Denmark. During his performance, Frank, who was on the stage for a little over and hour, performed a bunch of music for the first time, including Blonde and Endless tracks and some of his newest cuts like “Chanel” and “Bicycle.” He also performed some older classics like “Thinkin Bout You” and “Pyramids.”

Here is the full setlist

1 Pretty Sweet
2 Solo
3 Chanel
4 Lens
5 Biking
6 In Here Somewhere
7 Commes Des Garcons
8 Good Guy
9 (Unreleased Freestyle)/Self Control
10 Wither
11 Close to You
12 Rushes ..

Watch Ice Cube Check Bill Maher Over His N-Word Use on ‘Real Time’

Watch Ice Cube Check Bill Maher Over His N-Word Use on ‘Real Time’

Photo of Bill Maher & Ice Cube courtesy of YouTube.

Last night was the first episode of Real Time with Bill Maher since the controversy.

Meaning, it was the first time Bill Maher got to publicly respond to last week’s controversy, in which the comedian called himself a “house n*gga” during a conversation with Senator Ben Sasse.

Earlier in the week, Maher released a statement in which he apologized. Last night, he apologized again, telling guest, and friend, Michael Eric Dyson “I did a bad thing.”

While the segment with Dyson was pretty good, Maher then had legendary rapper Ice Cube on the show.

And that’s where the good stuff happened.

Bill Maher’s Ex-Girlfriend Hints He Used The N-Word Frequently

Cube, who was also on the show promoting the rerelease of his masterpiece Death Certificate, let Maher have it in a gentle way. He started off by asking “what made you think you can say it,” and Maher said it was an accident and he wasn’t thinking, he just saw a cheap joke opportunity..

Watch the Teaser Trailer For Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’

Watch the Teaser Trailer For Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’

A post shared by Lupita Nyong’o (@lupitanyongo) on Jun 9, 2017 at 6:28am PDT

The countdown is on.

We are eight months and seven days away from the movie release of 2018: Marvel’s Black Panther. Considering the cast and who’s directing the movie, expectations are high with this one.

‘Get Out’ Star Daniel Kaluuya Says ‘Black Panther’ Is Like ‘Game Of Thrones’

Moments ago, the teaser trailer for the movie was released. It was released during a commercial break during game four of the NBA Finals. Even though it’s only a teaser, there is a substantial amount of action featured.

The trailer, which is amazing, came out the same day that the first poster for the movie was released. Some people on social media started wondering if Ryan Coogler, the Oakland native who is the director of the movie, was paying homage to the Black Panthers with the image:

When you see what they did there #BlackPanther

— Matthew A. Cherry (@MatthewACherry) June 9, 2017


Here’s Our First-Take Listen To SZA’s Open-Hearted Effort, ‘CTRL’

Here’s Our First-Take Listen To SZA’s Open-Hearted Effort, ‘CTRL’

Photo Credit: Ben Hausdorf for RCA Records.

SZA first, major label debut album is evocative, open and filled to the brim with experiences + desires.
There’s nothing about the woman born Solána Rowe that is average or underwhelming. Since captivating audiophiles with her first mixtape, See SZA Run, the New Jersey native has created her own world, fueled by ethereal, otherworldly sights and sounds, while developing a refuge for individuals and freethinkers. Billed as the First Lady of Top Dawg Entertainment, fans have been awaiting SZA‘s ascension ever since her “alt-R&B” sound broke out into ear drums around the world. She connects on a level unlike her contemporaries, earning responses that would make you think Michael Jackson was still alive making people weak in the knees. With her RCA debut, CTRL, now out in the world — the time was nigh to coronate the new queen of future vibrations as only one like SZA deserved.

Last night (June 8), your favorite neighborhood managing editor had..