8-Year-Old Boy Is Attacked By Pit Bulls After Jumping Fence Into Neighbor’s Yard

June 14, 2017 7:13 pm
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Warning: The following article contains graphic content that may be upsetting to some viewers.

A little boy in Clearfield, Utah was playing in his backyard with a friend when his ball went over the neighbor’s fence.

Not thinking much of it, the boy jumped the fence to get it, and in a matter of seconds, two pit bulls were on top of him. “The dogs ran after him,” Long told Fox13 News. “They noticed him, got him to the ground, drug him across the yard a couple feet.”

Credit: Sarah Welliver/Standard-Examiner

After hearing the commotion, she rushed to rescue her son, but, unfortunately, he had already been bitten by the neighbor’s two pit bulls. Long said she tried to put her body between her son and the dogs, but they were relentless in attacking him. Her only solution was to throw her son back over the fence, which she did.

Due to the ordeal, Long’s son suffered soft tissue damage, abrasions and puncture wounds. Long says that she and her husband have told their son that he is not allowed to go into the neighbor’s yard even if he has permission to retrieve a toy.

Credit: Sarah Welliver/Standard-Examiner

The dog owner’s uncle, Richard Palamara, who lives in the home told Fox13 News that to his knowledge the boy was never given permission to jump the fence.

Palamara continued saying that no kids have ever jumped the fence before, and any other times the dogs have been around children, they have been friendly. “They’re good dogs, man; I’m kind of surprised that’s what happened,” he said.

Credit: Sarah Welliver/Standard-Examiner

Davis County Animal Control Field Supervisor, Brian Smith, said that any time multiple dogs get together, it creates a pack mentality. “Something could set them off,” he said. Long says she wants the laws changed and made stricter when considering an attack made by multiple dogs.

She added that Davis County prohibits homeowners from having more than two dogs in the home anyway. “[My son] went through so much trauma, and the fact that these animals are allowed to just stay there and are basically off the hook for attacking my son,” Long said.

Credit: Fox 13

As far as Palamara, he says he’s trying to work things out with the Longs, and he feels terrible for what happened. “I do feel for the kid 100 percent,” he said. “I don’t feel like anybody should deserve what he went through. It must have been traumatic for him.”

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[Featured Image Credit: Sarah Welliver/Standard-Examiner]

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